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A Champions’ Final as Quirkat’s EuroScorers Fantasy Football Game Successfully Concludes its Second Tournament – Gamasutra


‘EuroScorers achieved more than its targeted 50,000 users with friends playing against each other from 180 countries.’ said Mahmoud Ali Khasawneh, Quirkat’s CEO. “Fantasy sports games are a worldwide phenomenon; with millions of players betting their knowledge and gaming time on the management of their favourite teams in their preferred sports leagues. Quirkat, as it continues to monitor the heartbeat of Middle Eastern gamers, is focusing on ensuring a voice for the region’s gamers in the global games arena. Arabic, English, French and Chinese speaking gamers came together to compete in Euroscorers’ final countdown. The result was a phenomenal success for Quirkat and its growing community of dedicated gamers. Thank you to everyone who participated”.

EuroScorers enjoyed a very active online and social community, with users sharing team and tournament news and their game predictions. People were also inviting others to compete head to head in their own leagues. Throughout the 125 matches played, over 60,000 league invitations were sent and accepted, and a further 100,000 gifts of in-game currency were shared between facebook friends.

Quirkat announced a prize in the final stages of the league to reward EuroScorers’ fans who were constantly following up on their team formations, creating leagues and transferring and substituting their players before each big game. The top five hundred players were highlighted in a ‘league of glory’ within the game interface, and there was constant competition amongst them to reach that elusive number one spot. The winning player with the highest score was awarded a PlayStation 3 with the Move Starter Pack. Firas Oweis from Jordan; the winning player with 669 points, a mere 6 points ahead of the runner up said: ‘I’ve been playing EuroScorers since the beginning of the season, what better fun for a football fan than to be able to create his dream team and see how it performs! The competition became more intense towards the end with doubled points and a chance to win a PlayStation 3. What I did was develop a proper team strategy to best utilize my substitutions, which I naturally will not reveal, to win that prize.’

Quirkat announced that EuroScorers with its fantasy football genre has kick-started their pipeline for sports related social games; with more games releases to be announced soon.


About Quirkat

Established in 2004, Quirkat ( www.quirkat.com) is the Middle East’s leading video gaming brand with offices in Dubai and Amman. Quirkat has spearheaded the development and publishing of regionally relevant content, by capitalizing on its knowledge of the region’s history, culture, social structures, religions and demographics. This has resulted in the development and publishing of globally competitive products; including the hit regional PC title Arabian Lords™, the mobile game Tariq’s Treasure™ and the Al-Moosiqar (The Musician) franchise of social online and mobile games. Additionally, the company owns and operates the online games portal Fuzztak   (www.fuzztak.com).


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