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Play to the rhythm of the Award Winning ‘Al-Moosiqar’ – Develop

(The Musician) out now on iPad


Quirkat™ announced the launch of its newest iPad game‘Al-Moosiqar’, which stands for‘The Musician’ in Arabic. The game was first launched in 2009 online, followed by a very successful mobile release where it won the Judge’s Choice Award for Nokia’s Calling All Innovators“Bil3arabi” 2009 contest.  Quirkat is now bringing its revamped iPad version of Al-Moosiqar to the App Store with a fresh look and selection of classic old time oriental favourites; featuring a rich mix of Arab musical instruments.


Al-Moosiqar is a rhythm game that reconnects players with one of the greatest instruments of Oriental music: The‘Oud’, nicknamed the Prince of Instruments. Also commonly known as the Lute in the West, the Oud is unique in its sound and the emotional transformation it brings along to its listeners; a state referred to in Arab culture as‘Tarab’. The game features tracks performed by professional Oud and Tabla players from around the Arab region. Players get to play back timeless soundtracks with their choice of an instrument (Oud or Tabla), hitting the notes and strumming according to the flow on the screen.


This new iPad implementation of the game brings an authentic experience with its supplementary features including a multiplayer mode, fantastic updated graphics and custom recorded music. Players will be trying to achieve higher scores and note streaks aiming for the Rhythm Master and Virtuoso titles within the new Game Center achievements.


Al-Moosiqar is a unique Middle Eastern music channel thriving on creativity and musical expression. Enjoy the classic Arabic tracks that everyone just loves! The game is available in English and Arabic for $0.99.


About Quirkat

Quirkat is a micro-multinational multiplatform video games developer established in 2004, with presence in Dubai, Amman and London. The company specializes in console development and is licensed to develop for all PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. Its latest PlayStation 3 title, Pro Foosball, developed in seven languages (including Arabic), was launched across Sony’s European territories on Feb 20 th, 2013, and constitutes the first game to be developed by an Arab company and published by Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide.


The company also develops and publishes PC, web, iOS and Android games. Its debut PC game, titled Arabian Lords, is considered one of the largest game efforts originating from the Middle East. The game was a hit across the region and topped regional charts for many weeks.