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Pro Foosball Released Today – PlayStation Ramble

Pro Foosball, developed by Quirkat, is a must have for those who like Foosball (or table football as we call it in the real world).


The game offers you 3 game modes.  Firstly, “Kickabout” is a multiplayer mode that allows play with up to 4 friends online which I think will be the most popular and successful.  ”Foos Championships” involves you competing with the computer on one of three difficulty levels.  Finally, “Foos Madness” mode lets you experiment with textures and shapes of both the ball and the table, which I personally see being the highlight of this game since it’s a very original, simplistic idea.


One really nice feature is that it supports both the Dualshock and Move controllers; this means you can either go for the realistic motions of twisting your wrists as you would do in Foosball, or stick to the simple button basher controls.


Moreover, you can see the graphics also look pretty neat, right?  All of this is offered to you at a very generous price of £3.19!  So if you’re a footie fan, or just fancy a nice multiplayer game, you can get your mitts on this game right now.