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Quirkat adds to its repertoire of Arab games – ITP

Dubai-based game developers Quirkat have released a new online music game that reflects its commitment to creating games that are relevant to the Arab world.


Al-Moosiqar (The Musician) sees gamers can take on the role of a musician and play the historical Oud instrument.


“Since its launch, Fuzztak’s mission has been to dominate the Arabic online casual games space. We are now very happy and proud to say that our subscriber objectives have been surpassed and we are looking forward to a very busy online year”, said Mahmoud Ali Khasawneh, CEO of Quirkat, which was launched back in 2004.


“Al-Moosiqar is yet another demonstration of our commitment to building unique gaming experiences generating from our culture and heritage. The Oud is the most important Arab instrument and is nicknamed the Prince of the Instruments. We consider it part of our mission at Quirkat to bring such proud Arab achievements to the gaming world”, Khasawneh added.


Al-Moosiqar can be played through Quirkat’s gaming site – Fuzztak.com – which includes a number of casual gaming titles that can be accessed directly online, downloaded or played on cellphones.


Some of the mobile games available in the United Arab Emirates, through Etisalat and Du, include the strategy title ‘Tariq’s Treasure’, adventure game ‘Fish Tycoon’ and the virtual pet game ‘My Dog’.