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Quirkat playing to an Arabic tune Al-Moosiqar game released exclusively on Fuzztak – Casual Connect

Leading Middle East games development studio, Quirkat ™ today announced the launch of its newest online game ‘Al-Moosiqar’ (The Musician). Al-Moosiqar is available exclusively on the company’s premium online Arabic/English Games Portal, Fuzztak™, (www.fuzztak.com).


‘The Musician’ offers players the chance to reconnect with one of Oriental music’s greatest instruments: The ‘Oud’ or lute as it is more commonly known in the West. The player controls the in-game Musician’s movements to play back classical Oud pieces. Using familiar and intuitive controls, the user can help our Musician hit notes and strum according to the flow of notes on the screen. The Oudist’s facial expressions indicate the success of the playback and successful consecutive notes improve score through multipliers.


Since its launch in 2008, Fuzztak has continued to set its mark as the Middle East’s leading games portal with a variety of premium online, downloadable and mobile games for all ages. “Since its launch, Fuzztak’s mission has been to dominate the Arabic online casual games space. We are now very happy and proud to say that our subscriber objectives have been surpassed and we are looking forward to a very busy online year”, said Mahmoud Ali Khasawneh, Quirkat’s CEO. “Al-Moosiqar is yet another demonstration of our commitment to building unique gaming experiences generating from our culture and heritage. The Oud is the most important Arab instrument and is nicknamed the Prince of the Instruments. We consider it part of our mission at Quirkat to bring such proud Arab achievements to the gaming world. We hope Al-Moosiqar will provide regional gamers with a unique game experience”, he added.


“We have a relentless commitment at Quirkat to make sure the Arab world is heard through the medium of games. Every day, we feel the lack of a suitable avenue for Arab generations to express their love of video gaming in a way that reflects their identity and aspirations. Al-Moosiqar will capture and deliver to the world a unique Middle Eastern music channel thriving on creativity and musical expression”, said Ms Candide Kirk, Quirkat’s CTO.


The game taps into the community of Middle Eastern music lovers – connecting them to the great classics and promoting a collaborative environment for the preservation of the music and its interpretation in game. “Al Moosiqar builds a community layer on top of the existing Fuzztak gamer user base and allows registered users on Fuzztak to upload and annotate their own original musical pieces to the game world for other users to play back – thus the game transforms into a Music Portal of old time favorites and Oud classics, as well as original content from within the user base.”, added Ms. Kirk.


About Quirkat

Established in 2004, Quirkat (www.quirkat.com) is the Middle East’s leading video gaming brand with offices in Dubai and Amman. Quirkat is the first of its kind in spearheading the development and publishing of regionally relevant content, by capitalizing on its knowledge of the region’s history, culture, social structures, religions and demographics. Games published by Quirkat include Arabian Lords (www.arabianlords.com), Mythic Palace (www.mythicpalacegame.com) and the mobile hit title, Tariq’s Treasure (http://tariqstreasure.fuzztak.com)


About Fuzztak

Fuzztak™ (www.fuzztak.com) is the prime destination for online casual game seekers with an interest in the Arabic language and culture. It offers a bilingual (Arabic/English) interface to a rich and diversified games portfolio including casual web games, full-scale downloadable PC games, and a host of mobile game titles, in addition to games related news, reviews, trailers and updates. Fuzztak is seamlessly integrated into leading social networks.

Fuzztak is owned and operated by Quirkat.

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