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Quirkat releases Zonkt!, an arcade iPad game – Casual Connect

Save the gabloos from their ill-fated journey in Zonkt!


March 22-Quirkat announced the release of its newest addition to their iPad games portfolio: Zonkt!. It is a fast-action arcade game where the player’s goal is to save the adorable gabloos. It opens up to their beautifully animated story with a very catchy song that won’t leave your mind.


A group of magical space critters have landed on Earth. Their quest: to find life beyond their weird and crazy planet Gabloo. Unfortunately, they  landed in the backyard of the deranged robo-scientist ZONKT, who was so angry they’d ruined his bed of home-grown, radioactive courgettes that he punished the critters by locking them up in his crate of cruelty. But hope is not lost. The critters’ compatriots are floating on their way down to Earth to save the pioneers. The player has to save the critters before ZONKT uses his super evil compressor to make critter jelly cubes out of them to cook in place of the courgettes they’d ruined.


“Zonkt! has magnificent friendly art, it’s a game of speed and matching, with a fun story behind it; altogether adding up to addictive gameplay. It is not a clone of any other game out there and the game mechanic, however simple, is quite unique,” said Candide Kirk, Quirkat’s Studio Head.


The game will grow to be a challenge, with the player feeling the need to save those quirky little creatures before the jelly-cube hammer drops on their heads. There are four game modes to choose from: Time race, Strike Out, Shapeshifter and Courgette. Each one features different gameplay and end goal, and each mode consisting of 25 levels to progress through. The game is as addictive as it is infuriating with the increased difficulty, where players can compete amongst each other with Openfeint’s leaderboards and tons of achievements.


Zonkt! is Quirkat’s third iPad game following its classics, Pegs by Quirkat and Quirkat game.


For more information, visit www.quirkat.com. For the game link, visit the app store.


About Quirkat:

Established in 2004, Quirkat is the Middle East’s leading video gaming brand with offices in Dubai and Amman. Quirkat has spearheaded the development and publishing of regionally relevant content, by capitalizing on its knowledge of the region’s history, culture, social structures, religions and demographics. This has resulted in the development and publishing of globally competitive products; including the 5 PSP titles on Sony’s PSN (MENA Speed and Basha Card Game Collection), the hit regional PC title Arabian Lords™, the mobile game Tariq’s Treasure™, the Al-Moosiqar™ (The Musician) franchise of social online and mobile games, the facebook fantasy football game EuroScorers™ and the online traditional backgammon game Tawle™. Additionally, the company owns and operates the online games portal Fuzztak™ (www.fuzztak.com).