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Quirkat’s “Word Blocked” Live on PlayStation®Mobile – Gamasutra

As PlayStation Mobile went live on October 3rd across the globe, Quirkat is excited to announce that its game, Word Blocked, has been included in the international launch lineup.


Word Blocked is a word search game with a twist, quite literally. The game revolves around a 3×3 cube of letters that can be twisted and turned to align into words. The classic anagram finder game genre is married with a rich audio-visual experience and the simplicity of a cube movement mechanic to deliver a fiendishly addictive game experience that will entertain for hours.


“Sony’s support and including us for the PSM’s launch is truly an honor for our company. We’re super excited and hope that this introduces Quirkat’s games to an international audience. As a small indie studio based in the Middle East, this gives us an amazing sense of accomplishment.” said Mahmoud Khasawneh, CEO.


The game has two modes of play: Time Limit and Relaxed. In the timed mode the player must find as many words as possible in a 2 minute time period. Consecutive words gain bonus multiplier points for added speed incentive. This mode has two assist mechanisms built in: a single bomb that changes out the letters on a single face, and a missile assist that changes out the letters on the entire cube.


The second mode, Relaxed, is more about trying to maximize the word count and value out of the cube over an open ended period of time. The idea here is that the player is stuck with the random letters assigned at game start and so the bomb assists are not available. The player keeps going until they voluntarily decide to End (Word Blocked) or until the cube is exhausted of any more words.


“Due to the abundance of anagram games on other platforms, we never thought of developing for that genre. However, with the PSM, we felt that the game mechanics and platform are made for each other with the cube of letters being the star of the game. Additionally, the cube adds a puzzler aspect to the gameplay that is highly appealing to fans of handheld puzzle games such as the Rubik’s cube” said Candide Kirk, Studio Head.


If you’re looking for a unique take on word games, this is it! The game is available for $1.99 to both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Certified Android devices through the PlayStation Store.