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Quirkat’s ‘Word Blocked’ Now Available on PlayStation Mobile – IGN

Jordan-based indie studio releases its new word twister on PS Vita and PlayStation Mobile for $1.99


Middle East-based indie studio Quirkat announced that it’s newest title, Word Blocked, has been included in the International launch lineup for PlayStation Mobile. Sony’s new initiative to bring PlayStation-powered games on any mobile platform launched a few days ago for PlayStation Certified devices.


Quirkat describes Word Blocked as a “word game with a twist, quite literally”. The game presents users with a Rubic Cube-like 3×3 block of letters from which they have string words together – the longer the words, the higher the score.



“Sony’s support and including us for the PSM’s launch is truly an honor for our company. We’re super excited and hope that this introduces Quirkat’s games to an international audience. As a small indie studio based in the Middle East, this gives us an amazing sense of accomplishment.” said Mahmoud Khasawneh, CEO.


“Due to the abundance of anagram games on other platforms, we never thought of developing for that genre. However, with the PSM, we felt that the game mechanics and platform are made for each other with the cube of letters being the star of the game. Additionally, the cube adds a puzzler aspect to the gameplay that is highly appealing to fans of handheld puzzle games such as the Rubik’s cube” said Candide Kirk, Studio Head.


Word Blocked has two modes: Time Limit, in which players must find words in a 2 minute time period; and Relaxed, where the player must exhaust the cube out of words.


The game is available for PS Vita and PlayStion Certified Android devices for $1.99.