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World’s first bi-lingual Arab strategy game – Arabian Lords – debuts in the Middle East – AME Info

BreakAway Games, a globally renowned developer of entertainment and award winning games and Quirkat; the Middle East’s leading video gaming brand announced the debut of Arabian Lords, a bilingual, personal computer (PC) strategy game inspired by Islamic history during the 7th – 13th centuries.

“This is undoubtedly a unique collaboration and effort,” said Mahmoud Khasawneh, CEO of Quirkat. “This is the first time an established global player like Breakaway has expanded its development effort in partnership with a Middle Eastern studio like Quirkat, to bring to the region a unique blend of gaming quality and cultural and historical references.

The project was an incredibly interesting and fun for Quirkat. The Middle East has shown extensive and impressive interest in electronic gaming, we have some of the best gaming talent right here, and we’re looking forward to continuing this partnership by producing more titles with Middle Eastern flavor. The demand is proof enough and it is refreshing to see a game of this quality address regional storylines,” he said.

Arabian Lords is an innovative blend of real-time strategy and city-builder game play that lets players take the role of an enterprising merchant lord as they start with one palace and expand to rule an ancient empire. As players gain prestige and wealth they must engage in competition and shrewd diplomacy against rival factions, while keeping their own customers and citizens happy and community thriving.

“One of the unique aspects of Arabian Lords is that players can employ different strategies and win in a variety of ways including, building a culturally advanced city, amassing the most wealth or becoming the most respected leader.” said Deborah Tillett, VP of Development, at BreakAway Games. Players are rewarded for shrewd negotiations, cultural finesse and great leadership – not by relying on military might or violent means. We’re very pleased with the results and look forward to creating more products for this growing market.”

The game is now available in all leading retail and gaming stores across the UAE including Virgin Megastore, Carrefour, Al Aziza Panda United, Fantastic Games, Jacky’s Electronics, JoyStick, Geekay Electronics, NFV, Plugins, Sharaf DG, Toys R Us and VStar Multimedia with both Arabic and English language translations on the game CD.